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What is super fire safe design?
What is super fire safe design?
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What is super fire safe design?
External leakage prevention:
Under normal conditions,leakage from the stem area is prevented with the design of two o-rings and a gland graphite gasket. Leakage at the places that connect the body with bonnet also prevented by an O-ring and body graphite gasket. After the O rings are damaged in case of fire,the gland graphite gasket ,body graphite gasket and stem graphite packing will prevent external leakage of fluid.
Internal leakage prevention:
When the non metal seals such as O ring,soft seal seat and seat ring are decomposed by fire ,the metal seat lip will be pushed by the pre-tightening force of the spring to contact the ball and shut off the fluids in the pipeline,minimizing internal leakage in the valve channel. In addition,the flexible graphite seat packing is compressed by the seat spring to prevent leakage of fluids between the body and seat.
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