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Usage,Operating, Maintenance and Storage 
1. Usage and Operating
(1) Ball valve usually have manual gear box, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric driven type, and the corresponding drive devices are installed on the top of it.
(2) For  gear box manual ball valve, gear box cover is with  arrow indicating “opening”and “closing” ,and with opening instructions.When the arrow is directing to "OPEN"   of the gear box cover,then the ball valve is in open status.Otherwise, when the arrow is directing to  "CLOSE", then the ball valve is in close status.
(3)Ball valve can not rely on outside force for sealing.Floating resilient seats are installed at ball valve's inlet and outlet,which rely on the spring force to make the seal ring pressed on the balls,and form a sealing pressure, and reach bidirectional sealing for both  inlet and outlet ends.
(4)After long-term use of ball valve, according to different mediums,there will be accumulating some debris in the ball valve's lumen,should use  drain plug to exclude it in time.
(1) Valves should be stored in dry and ventilated room, are not allowed in open air.Both ends of gangway should be blocked with seal head, to prevent debris entering.
(2)When valves are stored,they should be in an open position, to protect the  sealing ring and sealing surface of ball.
(3)Long-term storage of valves should be checked regularly,clean lumen dirt, and put butter on the machining surface.
(4) Check piping installation running ball valves regularly and to see whether they are running normally. Any little problems should be settled down in time, and if there are any big problems found ,then should dismount them and send to company to repair or arrange qualified people to repair.
 (5) Once  valves dismantled,then should be  strictly inspected and tested according to API 6 d check and test, only can be used after issued quality certificate.
(6) When there is  medium in ball valves, which are forbidden to change or add the packing, forbidden to remove any loose parts and  fasteners, otherwise may cause personal injury and accident.
(7) Corrosion allowance for valve's shell according to API 6D.Users should  calculate the service life of the valve body according to the corrosion rate of body materials when come to different medias. Once exceed the service life,valves must be replaced.
(8) There shall be  detailed records for the storage, using, failure and troubleshooting and maintenance 
(9) Do not allow welding repair,dismantle and replace the valve parts when valves are running with pressure..
(1)Valves should be stored  in dry and ventilated room, moisture-proof, waterproof, anticorrosion, fireproof, cold proof..
(2)During transportation and storage,the valve’s channel should be  tightly sealed with stuffy at both ends.

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